Where To Get Binders

Underworks (ftm.underworks.com) makes a range of chest binders for trans and non-trans men, as well as post-surgical compression wear. Underworks is trans-friendly, so don’t be afraid to contact them to and ask questions specific to your needs.

The Tool Shed
The Tool Shed (www.toolshedtoys.com) carries a few of the most popular chest binder designs from Underworks. The Tool Shed also sells packers, realistic dildos, and STP devices– check the “gender expression” section of the product menu. Note: Purchasing products through the Tool Shed web site directly supports FTMguide.org. The Tool Shed is a trans and partner friendly.

Man Sculpture
ManSculptureTM Flattening Undershirts are designed to look like a regular undershirt. They make several styles of shirt that fasten on the side.

GC2b provides high quality chest binders at an affordable price. GC2b uses a front and back, double panel, mixed material design to construct a flat appearance. Sizes run smaller than Underworks, so check the sizing chart carefully. Arrives in discrete packaging.

Peecock Binders
Peecock binders also run smaller than Underworks, so check the sizing chart carefully, and order a larger size than you would from Underworks. Shipping is from Asia, so it takes a bit of time for packages to arrive.

Morris Designs
Morris Designs offers post-surgical and gynecomastia shirts, including two styles that fasten in the front for ease of use. They make three versions of their Gynecomastia Vest (each costs $56.00) and a model called the Zippered Male Vest with reinforced chest panels ($70.00). They also make a simple velcro wrap-around binder called the Dale Binder ($40.00–$54.00, depending on size) which could be used for chest binding, though perhaps not as comfortably or effectively as the vests. Morris Designs does custom orders for people who might need a special size; check their web site or call them for details.

NouVelle offers a variety of compression garments, including male compression vests. They offer 4 products that could be used for binding: the Adjustable Tank ($65.00) and the Zippered Vest ($80.00) are more traditional binders, while the Pull-On Shirt ($60.00) and Pull-On Tank ($55.00) might be better for those with smaller chests.