Stand to Pee Packers

Pee-Cock 3-in-1 Packer
This product, introduced in 2011, is designed to be a stand-to-pee packer and pack-and-play model all in one. Made of soft silicone, the shaft of the Pee-Cock has an opening throughout its length to allow for urination. The opening through the shaft also can accommodate a flexible “erection rod” that is inserted through the back of the packer to allow the Pee-Cock to be used for sexual penetration. The back of the packer is shaped like the opening of a funnel; it is pressed low and tightly against the body over the urethral opening during urination. Due to the shape of the funnel, the Pee-Cock may also work well for men who have had metoidioplasty.

Real EZP Stand to Pee Packer
Transthetics is currently a one man kitchen laboratory experiment, born out of frustration of a lack of realistic, quality, durable, easy to use and comfortable prosthetic devices available for trans men. The Real EZP gets rave reviews.

Hudson’s Guide Overview of STP Packers