Online Support

The main focus of our support group is in-person monthly meetings, but we do provide online support in various ways. Please keep in mind, the same limitations of support and Ground Rules for Participation apply to online spaces as well as in person meetings.

We do discourage people from joining if they don’t have a specific personal connection to our monthly meetings in some way. The groups are for discussion and support, but are not to be used for dating or pursuing romantic relationships with members of our community.

Email Discussion Lists

TransIndy maintains a number of different discussion lists. There is no criteria for joining a particular email list other than that we ask that you be a member of the central Indiana trans community, be an alum of the group, or have a personal or family relationship with a group attendee.

General List
for all folks associated with TransIndy.

Trans-Masculine List
For discussion of trans-masculine specific issues.

Trans-Feminine List
For discussion of trans-feminine specific issues.

Non-Binary List
For discussion of non-binary specific issues.

Support list for significant others, family, friends and allies.

Facebook Group (Secret)

The Facebook group is a secret group, so you can only be added by a Facebook friend. Use the Contact Form to let us know that you would like to be a part of the group, and let us know your Facebook username. A coordinator will “friend” you on facebook temporarily so that you may be added to the group.