Gender Non-Binary Resources Wiki is a nonbinary gender visibility, education and advocacy network, arguing for equal access to employment, services and medical treatment for those who don’t fit the gender binary.This wiki is a community edited site collecting information and resources about all aspects of gender outside the binary.

Neutrois Nonsense
An intimate exploration of identity and finding life wisdom beyond the gender binary. Micah’s personal blog, but a wonderful resource exploring gender non-binary subjects and ideas. A must-read resource for anyone who is interested in gender-diverse subjectmatter.

Life Outside the Binary
Tumblr examining non-binary identities

Genderqueer Identities
Group blog by several folks on genderqueer identities.

Beyond the Binary UK
UK based magazine for gender non-binary folks

On Partial Transition and/or Transitioning without Identifying as Male by Art of Transliness

5 Myths About Non-Binary Transition by Micah

Transbucket – Surgery Results Photos

Transbucket is a website where trans men, trans women and gender non-binary folks who have had transition-related surgeries (also known as sex reassignment surgery, gender reassignment surgery (GRS), genital reconstruction surgery, sex affirmation surgery, gender confirmation surgery, sex realignment surgery) can post pictures of their results, along with before pictures, information about the doctor who performed their surgery, and reviews of how the procedure went. Different surgeons have different styles and results, so seeing after photos can help decide if the surgeon you are considering is the right one for you. You must register to use the site with a valid email; no anonymous browsing is allowed.

Gender Warriors in Evansville have created a handy map of surgeons who perform transition-related surgeries around the world. Using those tools together along with other research can help you make educated decisions.

This is in no way an endorsement of any surgeon. It is in your best interest to research any surgeon, seek out customer reviews, ask questions, get referrals from others who have used specific surgeons, etc. Surgery is a major decision, make sure you are confident in the surgeon you choose.