TransIndy Meeting recap – July 23rd, 2016

A short recap of stuff we discussed at the July 23rd meeting, and changes that have happened recently with the TransIndy Support Group.

Official SOFFAS Co-ordinator
Tracy Berens Funk is our new co-coordinator for Significant Others, Family, Friends and Allies (SOFFAs). She will lead a support group meeting every month (as a part of our regular meeting) for family, friends and significant others.

Bigger attendance
We’ve had lots of new faces at the group recently, with this month topping out at over 40 people in attendance. There were significant sized SOFFA and trans masculine groups, and a very large trans feminine group.

To accommodate the number of people, we have moved the full group meeting into the social area of the church. Because of the bigger attendance, we may make the full group meeting shorter and break away into sub-groups more quickly.

Social Committee
Several folks have expressed interest in a social committee to plan some social events. It would be great to have events that are “safe space” private space events and some public events like restaurant dinners, park gatherings, Pokemon walks, etc. Folks interested in being on this committee throw their hat into the ring via email or on the Facebook Group.

TransIndy.Org is live
Our new site is live at Soon the old site URLs will point to this site and the old sites will go away. we will have more resources on the site for SOFFAs and gender non-binary folks as well.

New email discussion lists are live
The two existing discussion groups have been converted to our new domain name location (if you were on the old list, you are on the corresponding one here):

Trans-Masculine List
For discussion of trans-masculine specific issues.

Trans-Feminine List
For discussion of trans-feminine specific issues.

We’ve added three new discussion lists:

General List
for all folks associated with TransIndy.

Non-Binary List
For discussion of non-binary specific issues.

Support list for significant others, family, friends and allies.