About TransIndy

TransIndy is a peer-led social/support group for transgender and gender diverse people in central Indiana. We provide support to members of the community through open monthly meetings, information booths at pride festivals, resource sharing, and the occasional guest speaker (ex. local physicians, therapists, etc.).

We also have a private Facebook Group.

All are Welcome

We welcome all transgender and gender-diverse people, including those who are still exploring or questioning their gender, as well as SOFFAS (significant others, friends, family, and allies) to our meetings.

The hour of our meeting is spent with everyone together sharing stories and updates since the last time we met. After that, we split into smaller groups for the next hour (each with a facilitator to lead discussion). We break into 4 groups: Transfeminine, Transmasculine, Non-binary, and SOFFAS.

History of the Group

TransIndy was formerly known as IndyBoyz/IndyGirlz Support Group. See more about the history of the support group.